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Shapes & Groups Browser

Object Browser

Shapes & Groups Browser displays a tree of all shapes and groups in your document. The order of the shapes in the Shapes & Groups browser list reflects their drawing order in the Canvas. You can tell which shapes do not have a fill by the small icons beside their names.

Additionally, the selection in the browser is synchronized with the selection in the Canvas. You can select a shape in the Canvas by clicking on its name in the browser. Note that you can select multiple shapes at once. It is possible to start editing a bezier by double-clicking it in the Browser.

When you double-click a group, the group will be made active, and you will be able to select and edit its content in the canvas. Alternatively, when you select a shape that belongs to some group in the browser, the enclosing group will be activated automatically. The disclosure triangle of an activated group will turn blue.

To delete a shape or group, select it and press the DELETE or BACKSPACE key.

You can rearrange the order of the shapes and groups by dragging the rows in the browser. This is equivalent to changing the graphics order using the bring-to-front and send-to-back commands. You can also use dragging to move a shape inside some group (or remove it).