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Selecting individual shapes

To select a single shape, simply click on it in the Canvas. Alternatively, you can select a shape by clicking on its name in the Shapes & Groups Browser.

Selecting a shape behind the current selection

To select a shape that is behind the current selection, hold down the COMMAND key and click.

Selecting multiple shapes

You can select multiple shapes by

  • using the selection rectangle - clicking on an empty space in the canvas and dragging towards shapes you want to select
  • holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on individual shapes, adding them one by one
  • selecting multiple rows in the Shapes & Groups Browser

Modifying the selection

It is possible to modify your current selection by holding down the SHIFT key and:

  • clicking on an unselected shape adds it to your current selection
  • clicking on an already selected shape removes it from your selection
  • using the dragging selection rectangle to add or remove multiple shapes from the current selection at once

Deleting the selection

To delete the selection, press the DELETE or BACKSPACE key.

Rearranging the shapes

Send to Back / Bring to Front toolbar icons You can bring the selection directly to the front or send it all the way to the back using the main application toolbar.

Alternatively, you can also use the application menu for a more fine-grained control over shape order:

  • Press OPTION + SHIFT + COMMAND + F to bring the selection forwards
  • Press OPTION + SHIFT + COMMAND + B to send the selection backwards

Getting code for selection only

WebCode displays the generated code for all shapes in the Canvas. However, it is also possible to obtain only the code for your current selection of shapes. Simply select the shapes that interest you in the Canvas and copy them to the clipboard (COMMAND + C). When you try to paste the shapes to your code editor, their drawing code will be pasted instead.