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Dear WebCode Customers,

we decided it would be best to combine our two products, WebCode and PaintCode, into a single app.

We are very proud to introduce PaintCode 3, the successor to both WebCode and PaintCode 2.

PaintCode 3 now integrates all features of WebCode, and adds a lot of new features that you have been waiting for.

New Features

Great for Animated and Interactive Elements

Most of the animated and interactive elements on our new website were created with PaintCode 3. To learn more about PaintCode 3, please visit:


Upgrade Discount for Existing Customers

As an existing WebCode customer, you are eligible for 20% upgrade discount to PaintCode 3. Please send us your WebCode Mac App Store purchase receipt to support@pixelcut.com to claim the discount. If you no longer have the receipt, please send us screenshot from the Mac App Store documenting your WebCode purchase.

We hope you'll like PaintCode 3 as much as we do, and we’re looking forward to what you’ll achieve with it.

— PixelCut Team